Quality standard

Selected organic raw products and manual processing – the successful bio-verde concept since 1986

For our organic delicacies, we only use absolutely flawless raw ingredients grown completely organically. Naturally, all bio-verde products are free from genetically modified hormones, radiation and genetically modified organisms (GMO).

Our production site adheres to the strictest requirements of the EU hygiene regulations for the preparation of cheese, meat and fish. We have been awarded the relevant health and safety certificates from the local authorities for all three of these domains. On the veterinary side, our company has been considered one of the most modern model companies in the EU since 2003.

We have been awarded the organic label by Prüfverein Verarbeitung ökologische Landbauprodukte e.V. with its head office in Karlsruhe (DE-ÖKO-007).

Our organic delicacies are made 100% from certified organic ingredients and decorated with seals of quality from Naturland and many other organisations.

Guaranteed freshness

The principal of cold preparation

We generally do not heat up antipasti, sauces, salads and spreads. The specialities are freshly filled and therefore contain their full flavour and healthy content.

ISANA works exclusively in accordance with the principle of cold preparation. This principle means an innovative production and finishing process which involves no warming or heating up of the product. The basic prerequisite for this is our commitment to the highest standard of hygiene.


Local production in Germany

In order to implement the principal of cold preparation, we made a conscious decision to avoid outsourcing production abroad. The production according to our production demands is linked with high quality work premises and a high level of craftmanship.

A consistent level of quality can only be guaranteed through all preparation being done on site. In addition, providing jobs at our site in Bavaria is particularly important to us.