Facts & Figures

  • Inventor of organic delicacies - Start of organic production: 1986
  • Europe’s market leader in fresh organic delicacies
  • Location: Eresing (District of Landsberg/Lech) with around 160 employees
  • Over 240 products (of which about 76 % are produced inhouse and around 24 % imported)
  • Daily production: around 20 tonnes of organic delicacies
  • Distribution in Germany and European neighbour countries France, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, Great Britain, Spain, Sweden, etc.
  • All products are produced from 100 % pure organic ingredients (or certified uncontrolled growth, or caught in the wild), guaranteed to be free from genetically modified organisms, hormones and radiation
  • Certified by Prüfverein (DE-ÖKO-007), Naturland and IFS.
  • The bio-verde trademark is solely reserved for the trade of organic food in Germany and Europe